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The Secret to Overcoming Writer's Block

The Secret to Overcoming Writer's Block

The Secret to Overcoming Writer's Block
I was in the midst of writing my series when this happened to me. Before the injury, I was having the best days of my life. I had a balanced life, mind, and body. My creativity was functioning at its maximum. I had been practicing yoga for three years. And, I had reached that mediated state of mind that nothing and no one could distract or break me. During one of my yoga lessons, the instructor advised, "Plant your dream seed. When it is ready, it will grow. If it is not ready, it will not grow." 

I planted my dream seed. In that state of mediated mind, I prayed, "I wish I could sit and finally finish that book that I always wanted to write." In no time, 5 months later, my dream seed started to grow. The story, "The Town of Mohaba" came rushing. I continued practicing yoga and more so while writing. It had become a ritual. I would go to yoga after work. It helped me empty my mind. I would become present and wrote without losing my focus. 

The Logic Behind Writer's Block

Writers feel blocked because they cannot concentrate. Perhaps, distracted by other things in their life. From my experience, writer's block is an unbalanced mind lacking concentration. It is an occupied mind. If a writer can achieve being present, then logically there would be no blocks. It is that simple. For this reason, I recommend yoga. The essence of yoga is to bring you into the present. It fuels your body and mind with balance. 

It is impossible to not be present while breathing in and out holding your yoga poses. Many of the yoga positions require you to hold without losing balance. This requires a huge amount of concentration. You are breathing in and out. You are also holding poses that are difficult and require your attention. Your mind is shut. You cannot think of anything else. When you are in the moment, nothing is a distraction. Therefore, there is nothing that is blocking your mind to write. Your writer's block is cured with yoga.

Yoga and Balance

What yoga essentially does for you is that it relaxes your mind. It gives your mind a break and a balance that your body needs. Unfortunately, our bodies can't speak for themselves or they would ask you for meditation or yoga. Although I had imagined one hour a day would take so much time away from my writing, the one-hour commitment was the reason I was able to finish my drafts faster and stay focused on the book. If you take too much time away from your writing, then the story is not as natural. That is why I recommend yoga to help you beat your writer's blocks. This way, you can continue doing what you are good at and that is to make your stories flow.

Let's rewind my head injury 4 years ago. The biggest pain of my life was to give up yoga. I couldn't balance my right side of the body. I suffered and still have many symptoms like sensitivity to light and horrible migraines. Nothing has changed, the scar is still there. But, with some years passed, the surrounding nerves have taken on the function of the damaged nerve. I can balance much better now.

I wanted to blog about this topic on writer's block today because today was my the second day that I went to yoga and unlike 4 years ago, my body can now balance. I am not always well. I suffer right side weakness but to be able to do yoga when I'm well is a miracle. Today, after a long time, I felt like I am back to where I belong. Paying attention to me. It has been a very difficult few years coping with my brain symptoms.

If you haven't thought about yoga, give it a try. You may not see the effect in the first couple of classes. You are learning the poses and how to breathe properly. But, once you master it within a few lessons, you will not want to go without mediating, relaxation or yoga as part of your daily routine. Think of its benefits: free therapy. If you wish, you can practice it at home and not even pay for any classes. There are plenty of Yoga lessons that you can find on YouTube. 

The yoga place that I enjoyed most used to be far from my home. But, last year, I moved closer. For one year, I would pass by and remember those good old days. I thought that I would never be able to do yoga. The yoga place is now across the street from my home. I don't have to drive there. This means that it will only take me 10 minutes with a quick shower to return to my computer and continue writing my series. I like to conclude with a quote. Feel free to contact me via social media or e-mail. And like and follow me on my facebook page

"Those who can control their mind and not their mind control them will always be the ones who will win in this life." 

- Nazanin Marzban  
Author & Life Coach at Crownlight Publisher


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