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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
September 2, 2017
Author: Nazanin Marzban
Publisher: Crownlight
"Ever wonder why the Childhood Cancer Awareness ribbon is gold? In 1997, a group of parents picked gold as the official color because it symbolizes how precious children are and their resiliency." - Trish Adkin 
What Science Says About Childhood Cancer
We are in September now. This is the time of changing seasons towards cooler temperature. It is the beginning of the fall season where students start school or head back to their school. I created this blog in honor of increasing awareness for kids who become the victim of cancer. According to many research studies, cancer is the number one deadliest disease for children over the age of one.

There are new findings shared by scientists who emphasize the importance of children receiving vaccines. Apparently, it can prevent kids from several different cancers. It is as simple as being aware of the importance of children getting HPV Vaccination. And, to make it easier for kids in smaller towns to get the injection. Another awareness that is worthy to raise is that many smaller cities don't have access to treatment for their children with cancer.

Every Support Helps and Counts
When it comes to supporting children with cancer, every little help can go a long way. In particular, together we can help children in smaller cities to gain easier access to hospital care and treatment. Bringing awareness does not necessarily mean that we have to have had someone suffer this deadly disease. It means that we are all one and together we can help save children who deserve to live a full and healthy life. 

Perhaps, we can all hold back on that T-Shirt that we don't need. If we knew we could save a child's life, would we still consider throwing our money away on material things? In particular, on things that we know we wouldn't be using. Let's all start caring for one another by taking more action. Imagine that we don't buy that bag or we don't order dessert with our food. Instead, we use money wisely and don't throw it away. We help make a difference and save innocent children's lives. Imagine, how many of us that would add up to? How many lives would be saved? As emphasized in this article, smaller cities desperately need your support. Please don't forget to help and spread the word. 

- Author, Nazanin Marzban  
Author & Life Coach, Crownlight Publisher
I made a donation this September to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. How about you? If you wish to DONATE, please visit: 


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